Budapest (Hungary), 1993
June 2018

“When I applied for the workshop, I didn’t think I’ll get an answer to the question of who I was. Suddenly there was a fact I wanted to deal with. Continuous references and the same picture floated in front of me. I saw, but I didn’t understand. During the workshop I tried to dig deeper. Better observe, better understand. I do not have much experience with art, and if it is, more in literature than in mechanical creation. My interest after the workshop was significantly expanded. I have read and researched a lot about the history and technique of collage. I also made a collage at home where I used similar pictures as I did in the workshop. Today I know why I made a picture of the workshop and why I made the picture that was made at home. The workshop gave me a push to dare to go into what I was looking for. My subject is: Tool.”

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