Budapest (Hungary), 1990
“Losing Control”
June 2018
Color Print and collages

“I am not an artist but I have been using art as therapy and coping in my whole life. To bring images to the surface, to make space for more in the depth. My inspiration for this was losing control. First I had to relearn how to take blurry photos with a good quality camera, in order to lose control over the machine. After realising these were still my ‘images’ I gave the camera to strangers in Budapest night life district in order to lose control over the image. One of the strangers happened to be a professional photographer and that’s when I realized losing control can lead to the best thing. In my collage, I divided the paper into two parts: my conscious and sub-conscious. The images you see in the collage are the topics that belong to my conscious or sub-conscious.”

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