Céline RIVAL
Paris (France), 1995
May 2018 – September 2018
Various materials (including paper, cardboard)
Installation, approx. 200*200 cm

“It begins with the word – OPENNESS. It is my fascination with the collection, combined with my obsession with flowers, that led me to collect the petals for this project. The installation of a collaborative flower in blossom. At first, I wanted to create paper modules, which I would have previously cut out, so that people could compose a participatory artwork in real-time. But my idea evolved over time, and everything happened naturally. Each petal was made by a different person: people I already knew, people I met randomly, sometimes even strangers, and all this for several months. This flowery landscape is a way of opening up the field of possibilities, to a vision of the world that is not necessarily mine. For me, this gives a new dimension to the notion of openness. The opening of a flower, but also the opening in a broader sense; an openness of mind, to differences, to sharing, to points of view… A participatory project federated by my creative process (harvesting, chaos, sorting and then recomposition in my own way).”

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