Budapest (Hungary), 1994
“Adventures” – In the city
June 2018
Collage, photography

Although Hanga explores many fields of art – she has a degree in contemporary dance, has recently started studying graphic design, and practices music – her interest is focused on social constructions. The ways in which humans have built objects, systems and complex relationships.
“My work started with the word “Adventures”. I explored the question of how adventure can become an attitude and influence in everyday life, how we see and experience the world. Later I decided to focus on adventures in the city. “How can we make the city more fun and liveable?” This was the question that made me recreate a map of Budapest into a paper collage. Choosing different characters and mixing up space, is my invitation to others to see the possibility in the city. Realising that the city is actually made by “us” can shift the perspective and highlight our effect and responsibility towards how we are shaping it. My photo works are also based on spacial play. I used the toys, objects and my body parts to create illusions of interactions with the landscape of the city. The focus is on introducing a different viewpoint to the ordinary and offering play as a (possibly lost) tool of exploration.”

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