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Let’s experience diversity! Elan Interculturel is an association created in 2008 under the 1901 law with a motto : to experience diversity. To take an intercultural impulse – “élan” in french – is to allow oneself to see the differences, without fixating them. It’s about being able to enjoy them, without forcing them. It is about taking the time to train oneself to manage uncertainty, otherness and change. It means taking responsibility by making visible and fighting against inequalities linked to differences in our society. The artistic mediation center invites us to explore the intersections between art and diversity: how art illustrates both what unites and differentiates people from different cultures, but also how engagement in artistic creativity stimulates our ability to meet the stranger within or outside ourselves.

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Created on 21 June 2003, from the fusion of two associations, Aves et Réserves Naturelles RNOB, the non-profit association Natagora is present on all fronts to defend Walloon biodiversity. The association creates and manages nature reserves and develops many other actions involving all actors in society. The “Art, Nature and Innovation” department brings together artists, technicians and scientists who come to assist citizens, in a constant dialogue, to invent the new world. The association’s department proposes creative ideas to re-enchant places and preserve areas of biodiversity: create spaces governed by imagination and respect for the living.

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Artemisszió is a non-profit foundation, created in 1998 in Budapest, Hungary. Guided by the desire to move towards a more tolerant and intercultural society, the Foundation has set itself several objectives: to encourage dialogue and continuous interaction between culturally, ethnically and socially diverse groups; to support the integration of socio-culturally disadvantaged groups; and to create and disseminate intercultural training and new educational tools for social workers or other professionals. Focusing mainly on integration, education and training programmes, Artemisszió operates both locally and internationally. Artistic mediation, whether in the form of forum theatre, digital storytelling, or any other form that allows working on oppression, occupies an important place in all of Artemisszió’s projects.

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Cabuwazi is a youth circus from Berlin that started in 1994 and is, since 2010 part of GrenzKultur gGmbH. With its circus locations in five socially deprived areas of the city, Cabuwazi offers circus pedagogical leisure time activities, mostly free of charge, for children between 4 and 21 years old, open for people of all gender, age, or economic, religious or cultural background. The activities of Cabuwazi in Berlin are based on the idea that people, and children specifically, need to build up social competences in order to build up a stable and safe environment. Circus is an art form, a way of expressing that goes further than the spoken language. Together with the physical development of the body that circus provides – strength, balance, coordination – it contributes to build a certain trust in yourself and others. This trust is being taught through games, training and performances, and all of this as group activities.

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